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Strategy Sessions

I’m here to help you make a plan to keep your books and your business running smoothly.

1 hour strategy session – $500

We’ll sit down together and solve one or more of your burning questions like:

  • Am I paying the lowest amount of taxes?
  • Should I be an S-corp or LLC?
  • Can you look at my books and make sure I’m doing this right?
  • Am I supposed to pay myself as an employee? How much?
1/2 day strategy and planning session – $1200

This is we will take a deep dive into the financial future of your business and create a action plan for the next 12 months.

  • Set up a financial blueprint for the future
  • Learn how and how much to pay yourself
  • Get a long term plan for how to make your quarterly IRS tax payments
  • Start making money and stop worrying about losing it
Get hands-on direction from a CPA
A plan on how to track your finances correctly
Focus on growing your business again

Let’s connect

You have a lot going on. I get it. But, let’s connect and get some of your questions answered. I promise it’s worth it.

T/W/Th meetings by appointment only